Book Review: Space Case

screen-shot-2017-01-01-at-1-24-30-pmSpace Case is the first book in Stuart Gibbs’ new Moon Base Alpha series. It’s a whodunit set on the moon! Blaine and I both enjoyed it.

The year is 2041, and twelve-year-old Dashiell Gibson is a lunarnaut. He has traveled with his scientist parents and his younger sister to live on Moon Base Alpha for three years.

Being one of the first kids on the moon sounds like an incredible adventure, but Dashiell mainly finds it dull and uncomfortable. Then, the base physician dies during an unauthorized moonwalk. Everyone assumes it was an accident, but Dashiell is convinced it was murder.

Part of the fun of this book is the mystery. Dashiell and his friends gather clues, evaluate multiple suspects, and end up in danger as they get closer to the truth.

Another part of the fun is the setting. Life on a moon base has many challenges, including going upstairs in low gravity, eating nothing but rehydrated food, and using space toilets. In addition, the future is different from Dashiell’s grandparents’ time (our present) in some interesting ways.

I have not yet read the second book in the series, Spaced Out, but Blaine recommends it. He’s also a big fan of Gibbs’ Spy School series. He’s read Spy School, Spy Camp, and Evil Spy School so far and is looking forward to Spy Ski School. That might be a good one to read at the beach!

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