Book Review: Tunnel of Bones

39352771._SY475_Kids who are looking for a haunting read this week should check out Tunnel of Bones, the second book in Victoria Schwab’s City of Ghosts series.

Twelve-year-old Cassidy almost drowned last year. Ever since then, she’s been able to pull back the Veil that separates the living from the dead and help restless spirits move on. And Jacob, the ghost who saved her life, has become her best friend.

Now Cassidy and Jacob are in Paris. Her parents are filming a new episode of their TV show about haunted cities. When Cassidy goes into the Catacombs under the city, she accidentally awakens a poltergeist. She and her family are in danger, and in order to stop him, she must figure out who he was and how he died.

This book is one that you’ll keep reading long after you should have turned out the lights and gone to sleep. It’s a spooky page-turner!

6 thoughts on “Book Review: Tunnel of Bones

  1. Thanks for another scare leading up to Halloween. I haven’t read either of the books in this series. I won’t get to them before my candy bowl is empty, but will slot them in before a new year arrives. The title and cover have me hooked.

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  2. I just finished this book last week too and did enjoy Cass and Jacob’s friendship. Their relationship made this a winner for me. I also enjoyed the spooky setting too and this author never once pulled me out of my belief in the world she created.

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