Book Review: 24 Hours in Nowhere

3835084724 Hours in Nowhere  by Dusti Bowling is the story of  a smart kid named Gus who decides to do something incredibly stupid: venture into Dead Frenchman’s Mine.

Gus doesn’t set out to risk his life on that hot summer day. He’s minding his own business when a bully named Bo tries to make him eat a cactus. When he’s rescued by a girl named Rossi, she trades her dirt bike for his safety. That’s a problem because Rossi is the best racer in town, and she needs that bike if she’s going to beat Bo in the final race of the season the next day. But Gus, who lives with his grandmother in a trailer in Nowhere, Arizona, only has $7 to his name. So he agrees to bring Bo a bar of gold from the dangerous Dead Frenchman’s Mine to get the bike back.

Gus has three companions on his crazy adventure: Matthew, one of Bo’s sidekicks who’s sent to supervise him, Jessie, his former best friend in elementary school who bumps into him when he’s buying supplies, and Rossi, who hears about his plan from Jessie. Over the course of 24 hours, this unlikely team finds many unexpected things in the old abandoned mine.

24 Hours in Nowhere is a satisfying adventure story. I particularly like the way the characters interact with each other. Larrabee enjoyed this one too.


6 thoughts on “Book Review: 24 Hours in Nowhere

  1. I read 24 Hours in Nowhere last summer while the real cave drama was unfolding in Thailand. I enjoyed this book, especially the characters. I thought it might sneak into the Cybils finalists but too many good books in 2018.

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  2. I think of kids entering a mine and shudder, as nothing good can come of it — watching too much news. But, it sounds like there is a great deal that happens that may change things. You leave us with on a huge “cave cliffhanger.”

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    1. Yes, I hope kids will live vicariously through this book and not try something so dangerous in real life! I don’t want to give any spoilers in my reviews, but in this case, the adventure leads to good things.

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