Book Review: The Loser’s Club

Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at 12.41.09 PMI could tell that Larrabee liked The Loser’s Club by Andrew Clements because he couldn’t put it down. When he finished, though, he gave it a compliment I wasn’t expecting: “It would make a good movie.”

See, The Loser’s Club is contemporary realistic fiction (in other words, no magic, no dragons, no sword fights). In fact, it’s about a 6th grader who starts an after-school quiet reading club.

Naturally, I had to read it next.

I’m glad I did. And I agree with Larrabee. Not every book (or movie) needs a sword fight. This one features a cast of interesting kid characters and a lot of great books.

It’s a book that will appeal to any bookworm.

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