Book Review: Nuts to You

By Larrabee (based on the squirrel drawing tutorial in the back of Nuts to You)

A fun book for this Thanksgiving weekend is Nuts to You by Lynne Rae Perkins. It’s a book about squirrels. It’s also about the importance of friendship, the importance of stories, and the importance of community.

The story begins when a squirrel named Jed is snatched by a hawk. Luckily, he knows Hai Tchree (the ancient squirrel defensive martial art) and wriggles free. But he’s far from home. His friend TsTs sees him fall, though. So, she and Chai set off across the buzzpaths (utility wires) to find him.

Part of the charm of this book is getting the squirrel point of view on everything from chainsaws to bobcats to peanut butter. Also amusing are the footnotes and annotated illustrations from the human narrator. All in all, a sweet and funny read. Larrabee and I recommend it.

Happy Thanksgiving. And nuts to you, my friends. Nuts to us all.

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