Shh… It’s a Secret

The author known as Pseudonymous Bosch is a very mysterious fellow. He is pictured here (in disguise) at a bookstore that might or might not be Bookshop Santa Cruz. I can’t say.

The narrator of his five-book Secret Series is even more mysterious. In the first book, The Name of This Book Is Secret, he can’t reveal the setting of the story or the characters’ real names. Here is a brief excerpt from Chapter One: “Xxxx xxx xxxx xx xxx.” I’m not kidding.

I read this book to both boys a couple of years ago. We all enjoyed the intriguing tale of the Symphony of Smells, the missing magician, and the Midnight Sun.

The book is also full of side comments addressed to the reader, which make it extra fun to read aloud. For example: “If you’re sleepy, go to bed and save the next chapter for tomorrow. For the magician’s story, you must have all your wits about you. No wandering minds allowed.” Needless to say, we had trouble stopping after just one chapter.

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