Reading with Grandma

IMG_4989I love to hear my mom read aloud to my boys. She reads with lots of expression and does great voices. It’s no secret how I became such a bookworm.

Over the years, she’s shared lots of good books with Blaine and Larrabee. I expect that the ones they’ll always associate with visits to Grandma’s house, though, are the Bill Peet books.

We have quite a collection of Bill Peet books at our house too. But Grandma has a huge stash that she’s saved since my brother was little. She pulls them out when we come to visit, and we all enjoy reacquainting ourselves with Cyrus, Kermit, Clyde, Buford, Chester, Pamela and Zeke.

Early in his career, Bill Peet worked for Walt Disney Studios, where he wrote the screenplays for 101 Dalmatians and The Sword in the Stone. Then, he turned to writing and illustrating children’s books and wrote dozens of delightful stories. Bill Peet said he got the ideas for many of his stories by doodling.

My all-time favorite is Cowardly Clyde, the story of the skittish war-horse who has to overcome his fear to save Sir Galavant from a terrible ogre. My kids crack up at the same parts that used to make my brother laugh (“Then I’m a dim-witted noodlehead” and “KER-PUFFLE”).

I’m curious to hear from you. Do you have a favorite Bill Peet book? What books do your parents like to share with your kids?

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